• Being The Best Candidate At Interview

Being The Best Candidate At Interview

Being The Best Candidate At Interview

At RG we help each candidate to prepare for interview by making sure they have as much information as possible.

This will be predominantly information about the role, so if you really want to stand out from the crowd, these are your steps to success.

Dos And Don’ts


  • Do a trial run of the journey, or the technology you are using

  • Prepare questions

  • Take a copy of your qualifications and CV

  • Dress smartly for all interviews, even if they take place online

  • Research the company

  • Think about how you will answer questions about your reasons for leaving previous employment

  • Be honest

  • Remember to thank the interviewer for their time when the interview is finished


  • Leave preparation until the last minute

  • Ask questions which have been answered during the interview, or which are irrelevant to the general position

  • Speak negatively about previous employers – this is unprofessional

  • Be tempted to embellish your skills or experience

Want to maximise your chances of success in a competitive market? Read on….


You may know the place you are going for interview, or the technology you are using very well, but have you ever been there in rush hour traffic, or thought about what to do if your laptop breaks? Do you know where to park? Do you have a silent space? Can you get there on public transport if your car breaks down? These are all things you should not only be thinking about, but should be checking before the interview takes place. This will allow you to arrive in good time – around 10 minutes early, which will mean you are calm and ready when the interview begins.

Organised candidates perform better at interview. They will have gathered the things they need the night before and have arranged everything else around their interview time. Lots of our clients like to see copies of professional qualifications and they can be a useful talking point at interview.

Indeed, taking a folder with a notepad is a good idea as you can take your prepared questions and a copy of your CV along too.


There are lots of things you can do to prepare for your interview. Whilst you will have been given some basic details about the company by your agency, it is imperative that you do some further research in order to maximise your chances. Look at the company website and find out who’s who within the organisation. Knowing the make-up of the organisation will give you confidence that you know who you are speaking with.

Looking at similar companies online will also give you a feel for the industry or practice and an idea of who their competitors may be. Being able to speak with some knowledge about the industry will demonstrate your interest in the company and give you the edge on other candidates.

Knowing about the industry should also help you to prepare some questions you would like to ask. Too often candidates either fail to prepare questions or prepare questions which are unsuitable. You should already know about the hours, pay and parking through your agency. Instead, think of questions which show that you understand the needs of the employer and how your experience can assist them. On example is to ask how big the team is, this could give you an opportunity to link with your own experience, for example ‘I’ve always worked in a small team and find that I enjoy that type of environment’. Even better, incorporate some of the information you have gathered yourself, for example, ‘I see that you have sites across the North West, do they all perform the same function?’.

A further extremely useful activity is to look at the job description and match the criteria to your skills and experience. Think about how you will use this to highlight how suitable you are for the role. Making notes on this will help.

The Big Day

If you have followed these steps, you should feel well prepared for your interview and are in an excellent position to present yourself well.

We recommend that you shake hands; wish the interviewer Good morning/afternoon if online and introduce yourself then listen carefully to the questions.

Try to stay on track and keep the question you have been asked in mind throughout your answer.


If your questions have been answered during the interview it is better to tell the interviewer rather than make one up on the spot.

We are often asked if it is good practice to take a notepad into an interview; this is a great idea as you will have your questions to hand should they slip your mind.

All that is left is to be yourself and to communicated clearly and positively. Good luck!

What our Clients & Candidates say…

” We are a small manufacturing business with low staff turnover, so when we do recruit it is vital that we not only get an individual who is technically capable but also someone who is a good fit to the business. “

” What impressed me about RG Consultancy was the time they took to understand our business and send candidates who covered both these aspects. “

” Whenever we have used RG the process has been quick, efficient and has produced great results for the company. “

” I would highly recommend RG Consultancy to anyone wanting a local business who knows and understands the market and will source high quality candidates that are right for your business. ”

” We are delighted with our recruitee and I would definitely use RG Consultancy again if the need arose ( which I hope it won’t). ”

” …I would just like to add that you and team at RG have been excellent throughout this whole process. Thank you! We would definitely work with your team again. ”

” If I could just say though that you and Eric have been fantastic, and I thank you for that. A completely different experience than I get with literally any other recruiter I have used. Keep doing what you do! ”

” I was looking to find a new challenge and role locally, I approached Eric regarding a role he was advertising and he managed to secure an interview within days. Everything was organised smoothly and efficiently and Eric was fully supportive throughout the whole interview process, giving me sound advice and information at all times. “

” He is highly professional and free of the superficiality that many other recruitment consultants provide. I would not hesitate to recommend him and would certainly use him as a client in the future. “