• Are You Represented Well On Paper?

Are You Represented Well On Paper?

Are You Represented Well On Paper?

As a recruiter we see hundreds of CVs each day. The ones which stand out the most are those which are clear and well organised.

A simple font (Calibri or Arial) and layout does the job and mean that those all-important skills and experience stand out for themselves.

We want all the people we work with to be successful, so have put together some best practice guidelines for CV writing.

Essential Information

Knowing where to start can be quite daunting, but writing a CV is actually very simple. There are many templates out there and whilst we don’t recommend them, some can be helpful in getting you started. These are not by any means the only way to approach writing your CV and creating a document using Word is by far the most straightforward method.

Name and current address: You should use your full name and if you are known by another name this should also be included on your CV. Too often, we see candidates with no address. This is important as it helps us to find you roles in your current location. If you are looking to relocate this should be made clear in a covering letter or in brackets after your address.

Phone Numbers: Please include all phone numbers other than your work number and check that these are correct before sending as this will be the primary way of contacting you.

Email: Again please check that this is correct so that job descriptions and interview details can be sent to you.

Qualifications: These should start with your most recent qualification. Include the date you were awarded this and the level you were awarded.

Experience: This should be presented clearly starting with your current/most recent role. The ideal format is date, company, role and then bullet pointed duties underneath. You should include all IT packages you have used and include all main duties.

Additional Information

Personal statement: This can give an employer a feel for your general background and aspirations. It is not essential, but if you have a particular skill, or industry experience which you wish to continue pursuing then this is a good place to highlight it.

Driving, interests, references: This is personal preference, although these are now generally considered unnecessary as they are not ‘selection criteria’ and the main purpose of a CV is to show that you can do a given job.

Pictures, photographs, fonts: Although most agencies will change a CV to their standard format, it is important that yours represents who you are. What you look like will not be a consideration at interview, past being dressed appropriately, this cannot be used as selection criteria and therefore does not need to be on a CV. With this in mind, pictures, colours, photographs and fancy fonts are superfluous and do not add value to your experience. Obviously, there are some creative sectors to which this will not apply.

Reasons for leaving: If these are straight forward and do not require lots of explanation, they can be a good addition to a CV and should be placed under each individual job. Otherwise it is better to leave to the interview to discuss these.

Remember: Your CV is your first introduction to an organisation so needs to work in your favour. Present yourself well at this stage and you are much more likely to gain an interview. If you would like free advice on your current CV please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What our Clients & Candidates say…

” We are a small manufacturing business with low staff turnover, so when we do recruit it is vital that we not only get an individual who is technically capable but also someone who is a good fit to the business. “

” What impressed me about RG Consultancy was the time they took to understand our business and send candidates who covered both these aspects. “

” Whenever we have used RG the process has been quick, efficient and has produced great results for the company. “

” I would highly recommend RG Consultancy to anyone wanting a local business who knows and understands the market and will source high quality candidates that are right for your business. ”

” We are delighted with our recruitee and I would definitely use RG Consultancy again if the need arose ( which I hope it won’t). ”

” …I would just like to add that you and team at RG have been excellent throughout this whole process. Thank you! We would definitely work with your team again. ”

” If I could just say though that you and Eric have been fantastic, and I thank you for that. A completely different experience than I get with literally any other recruiter I have used. Keep doing what you do! ”

” I was looking to find a new challenge and role locally, I approached Eric regarding a role he was advertising and he managed to secure an interview within days. Everything was organised smoothly and efficiently and Eric was fully supportive throughout the whole interview process, giving me sound advice and information at all times. “

” He is highly professional and free of the superficiality that many other recruitment consultants provide. I would not hesitate to recommend him and would certainly use him as a client in the future. “